Bulls, Illinois Lottery Have Rec Teams Feeling Lucky

The Chicago Bulls partnered with the Illinois Lottery to give to lucky rec league teams in Chicago the surprise of a lifetime - the opportunity to play their game in the United Center (complete with cheerleaders, starting lineups, etc.).  Watch The Video (Source: Chicago Bulls)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. The WOW factor of this type of stunt is fantastic - by sharing over social media, you have the opportunity for it to go viral and your exposure is potentially limitless.  At time of posting, the Twitter post had 78 retweets and 205 likes, while the Facebook post had 245,000 views, 3,500 likes and 93 comments.

2. So many sponsors (and sellers) focus on game day and in-venue/broadcast opportunities.  In today's landscape, don't ignore the power of non-game day experiences and the ability to publicize those (if they are not private events) through social/digial media channels.

3.  These types of events/stunts need to be well planned (not just the stunt itself but the timely and strategic promotion of it).  Do not let it go to waste without maximizing your moment.  Outside of utilizing your venue, consider having players/mascots surprise fans at their home, at the office or elsewhere in the community.  Could a coach or mascot deliver season tickets to some select fans?  For collegiate properties, could you surprise students with access to your football stadium or basketball arena for an event?

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