Blue Rocks, Dow Bring Science To The Ballpark

Dow Chemical will sponsor Friday night's Wilmington Blue Rocks' annual Science Night. See Promotions Schedule

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. Dow is a non-traditional sponsor, so typically, a static signage placement or traffic driving promotion is not going to get it done.  The tie-in to science is a great way for Dow to become tangible to the consumer and serve a community relations purpose at the same time.

2. The interactive displays for all ages (see photo below from last year's event) adds an additional attraction for the Blue Rocks as well, ideally selling a greater number of family tickets, especially combined with Friday night fireworks.

3. With multiple chemical plants in the Wilmington area, Dow is a major community employer, so creating visibility like this accomplishes two things: 1) establishes community involvement and good PR and 2) serves as a recruiting tool.

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