#Bearscamp and 7up partner on “Ladies Day”

Chicago Bears partner wiith 7up on a unique Training Camp Ladies Day promotion. 

Sponsorship Buddy's take:

1. Not only does the event happen at Training Camp driving more attention to the key summer focal point for an NFL team, but it features lady-centric activities beyond football including salon services, Zumba dancing lessons, hair styling, giveaways and a guest speaker.  Savvy if you consider that women are largely in control of household budgeting. 

2. This isn't an isolated occurrence as the Bears have an archived compilation of fun, interactive "Ladies Night" videos and features on its official site.  This particular campaign would hit on a number of key fronts in putting 7up front-and-center among its target demographic of women, including Loyalty, Traffic/Retail Drivers, Awareness (across multiple media fronts), etc.

3. This information was Tweeted out by @ChiBearsPromos - not the official handle of the team, yet a secondary account likely ran by the team to provide more information on team-tied promotions.  It is notably difficult to find out information about sponsors and campaigns like this one on the Bears' official Twitter and website.

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