AT&T To Throw a Giants Slumber Party

For some kids, just going to see their favorite baseball team play could be a memory that lasts a lifetime.  Can you imagine getting to spend the night on the field?  READ MORE (Source: San Francisco Giants)

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. If there is one thing SB has consistenly praised on our Partnership Vault it is unique experiences that cannot be bought on the street.  Tickets can be bought on the street.  Sleeping/playing on a major league field after the game cannot be.  Fantastic idea!

2. AT&T does not seem to have an in-your-face presence around the event, but seems to subtley tie in to the logo, photo and video content and likely the gift packages given to each attendee.  Fans will be attending for the atmosphere of being in the stadium.  There is a delicate balance between owning the sponsorship and not interfering with the fan experience.

3. The only concern we have is the cost.  It is likely designed to keep numbers at a manageable level, but seems to be cost prohibitive for the average fan.  The Giants and AT&T may have very well decided that their target is affluent families in the Bay area, but if that is not the case, finding a less expensive entry point may provide for an even great reach for the event.


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