American Airlines “Flies the W” in Support of the Cubs in Big Ways

American Airlines posted a Tweet video showing employees leaving rally towels at each O'Hare Airport seat in support of the Cubs 1st World Series appearance in 108 years. American Airlines is a Cubs Legacy Partner.

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1) The Cubs #FlyTheW campaign (signifying the flag raised at Wrigley after a win) has taken off.  When partners share the love socially or at their place of business, the sponsorship effect adds a multiple due to buzz and loyalty factors driven.

2) The American Airlines Legacy Partnership (replaced United in the category last year), hits on major exclusive areas tied to premium hospitality, a key marketing focus point for American Airlines. Cubs fans, bandwagon or otherwise, are everywhere and are a demographic known well for travel and affluence factors.   In fact, many are flying back to town just to be there for this monumentus occassion.  American wants to cement itself as THE new and top-of-mind choice when it comes to Chicago flights by way of this partnership and made a big splash to "Fly the W" at its friendly confines of O'Hare (2nd largest hub after Dallas-Fort Worth). "Challenger" companies vying for #1 in local market share, especially under new leadership or a rebrand, are prime for these types of campaigns.

3) This isn't the first time American Airlines has pulled this stunt. Over 12,500 AA-branded rally towels through the playoffs lined planes, lounges and terminals, with enthusiasm from the pilots, "Win-Tinis" for cocktails, etc.  Employees also received 7,500 team pennants.  Notably, a cause was tied in - pink Breast Cancer Awareness rally towels to maximize awareness in 3-way fashion, goodwill that's hard to ignore regardless for any O'Hare traveler those days. Talk about making a splash!

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