AEG, StubHub Center & LA Galaxy “Protect the Pitch” with Tesla

AEG cuts down energy costs significantly at StubHub Center thanks to partnership with Tesla, benefitting the entire market grid and the environment. This goes front-and-center in the L.A. Galaxy's PROTECT THE PITCH program that is dedicated to promoting behavioral change to improve environmental circumstances. 

Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1) In today's turbulent environment, green-friendly partnerships are increasingly important.  Tesla's Gigafactories and Power Packs are extremely cost-conducive endeavors, but they harness the natural environment's energy while reducing fossil fuel usage equating to less polution.  Resulting energy costs thanks to the investment could be 1/6 of the previous norm, with the market benefitting from the decrease in drain impact equating to a healthier power grid in southern California and more sustainable future.

2) "Greenwashing," or falsely claiming environmental protection measures publicly, is common in advertising and sponsorship. It's easy to do a "Go Green Night" and tag a few sponsors to it, while not actually taking internal measures to make a difference for the better for the sake of PR and the bottom line.  The Galaxy and AEG have proactively instituted a program and mindset to make a difference - both internally and externally.  Making the concerted effort to do can lead to major tax incentives, reduce operational costs longterm, evoke community-centric sponsor budgets, and most importantly make a profound effect on communities.

3) If you're interested in leveraging your assets and influence to benefit the environment and future generations, evaluate current internal and sponsor/prospect practices and utilize resources like the Green Sports Alliance for more insight into mindful practices.

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