76ers, StubHub Break NBA Jersey Sponsorship Barrier


It only took one month—and maybe, behind the scenes, even less than that.

On April 15, the NBA announced it would allow teams to start selling jersey sponsorships as part of a three-year “pilot program.” On May 15, it announced the first team and sponsor to jump aboard: the Philadelphia 76ers and StubHub.

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Sponsorship Buddy's Take:

1. As the article states, there is a huge benefit to being first to play in a new frontier, in this case jersey sponsorship.  The buzz that StubHub receives on the front end will be worth a good portion of the yearly investment in itself.  They could not have known this at the time, but the 76ers winning the lottery last night does not hurt the timing of this innovative partnership.

2.  It appears the 76ers will use their option to sell the sponsored jerseys in retail locations.  That residual value is almost as valuable as the TV exposure they will receive with the players themselves.

3.  If your property/league is not yet in the business of sponsors on game jerseys, consider practice jerseys.  Several years ago, the University of Missouri broke into the practice jersey space with the Missouri National Guard, and the NFL has been doing it for years.  There will obviously be some initial press coverage of a big move like that, but if your team receives media coverage around spring practices, preseason, etc. this could be a creative new revenue source.

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